We offer training via seminar or at home. There are pros and cons of each. The home training comes in the form of lectures on MP3 which allows for repeated listens, something essential in reversing the ‘dulled listening’ that we have grown up doing. The assignments are sent in via email and your work is closely monitored, corrected, strengthened, along with other support. This includes assistance on any live statement or investigation, as well as recommended areas of study.

Once enrolled in the Statement Analysis Course, you are eligible for entry into our live confidential training that takes place monthly at various start times dependent upon location. When you enroll in the Statement Analysis Course, you are given one free entry into this training where you see how principle is applied to actual live cases. This is done at the request of the investigator as well as from requests of police departments around the country. The University of Maine has granted Continuing Educational Units (CEUS) for professional licenses up to 60 credit hours per year for the live training.

We have our Advanced Analysis course which is restricted to those who have successfully completed our Statement Analysis Course, and we offer accreditation on two levels.

The commitment to detecting deception is life long, but the results can be realized immediately. Please see our section on Training Services for detail.