Law Enforcement Statement Analysis

Have a tough case to solve? With Statement Analysis, the subject writes out “what happened”, you analyze the account, learn the truth, conduct the interview knowing what happened, and obtain a confession.

Hyatt Analysis Services has assisted many law enforcement professional solve:

  • Missing Persons
  • Murder
  • Fraud
  • Hate Crime Accusations
  • Rape and Sexual Assault Accusations
  • Unidentified Authors

Statement Analysis, or the science of seeing deception in language, offers law enforcement several advantages:

  • See deception immediately in verbal interviews
  • Understand the truth behind a written statement
  • Understand not only where the deception is, but what the truth is

Experienced analysts can and do exhibit a 100% accuracy rate. We work with the investigator in confidentiality, and will testify as to the results of the analysis. Knowing the truth from deception prior to the interview allows the experienced investigator to hone his or her questions into the subject’s areas of sensitivity and deception with precision.

We also offer:

  • Deposition and Testimony Prep
  • Analytical Interviewing

Contact us and let us show you how we can help you get to the bottom of your cases. See what other law enforcement professionals are saying.