Client Testimonials

Training Feedback from HIDTA 2017 (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area)

• Very amazing class. I could only hope to be this good!
• Loved this class!!
• This was by far my favorite class of the whole 2-weeks!
• I would love for this to be a 2-day class – (13 comments on this)
• This was a great course and gave me a lot to think about.
• I really enjoyed understanding how words are used to decode the truth.
• Great class!
• Super interesting, Wow!
• Great presentation.
• Amazing and fascinating. Best class of this whole course.
• Seriously eye-opening.
• Very helpful, loved it!
• Great Instructor and amazing information.
• I took another deception training before from an ex-polygrapher, but Peter was much better as he demonstrated how to look at other deceptions aside from just visual cues.
• Amazing class.
• Excellent participation opportunities.
• Loved the exercises given to get us thinking about what words can really mean.
• Incredibly engaging, interesting and fascinating content.
• I can see where this can be very beneficial when reviewing cases.

Detective Carder Gravitt Warner Robbins Police Department, Warner Robbins, GA

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Peter Hyatt for his recent visit to the Warner Robins Police Department and sharing his expertise on Statement Analysis. Before taking Mr. Hyatt’s class, I attended other seminars on the subject.   Mr Hyatt’s teaching style, by far, made learning and understanding of the principles easy to comprehend! I can personally attest that his analysis skills are very accurate. The information he gleans from statements I provide him is extremely helpful in deciding which way I should lean while investigating a case. I would highly recommend and encourage other Law Enforcement Agencies to contact Mr. Hyatt and schedule a training seminar. The training you receive, will not only help you professionally, but will be a skill that will stay with you in every area of your life.”

Lt. David Nabors Criminal Investigation Division, Rowlett, TX

“I had the pleasure of working with Peter Hyatt on several criminal and administrative investigations since 2010. Peter’s in-depth analysis of statements has provided our department with insight into a writer’s intention and mindset when they wrote their statements or letters.

Peter’s analyses has given us valuable information and provided us with additional investigative avenues in obtaining a more truthful account of an incident in some instances. Using Peters insight and analysis into a subject’s writing we’ve been able to construction questions beneficial in getting to the truth in a more expeditious and direct manner. Statement Analysis has also been especially helpful in internal affairs investigations within our department.

I would like to recommend Peter as an examiner and instructor in Statement Analysis. He provides a valuable investigative tool that would be beneficial to your organization.

Michael Berro Harold Levinson Associates, Farmingdale, NY

“Peter Hyatt came to HLA twice to train on interviewing techniques and how to detect deception. Both sessions were extremely informative. We have changed the way we interview…these techniques helped us recover $600,000 from a driver who was involved in an inside job. I would highly recommend Peter…and look forward to future sessions with him.”

Thomas J. Budd Mucci, Esq.

“Peter’s analysis was invaluable to formulating a litigation strategy. Peter’s conclusions about the personalities and motivations derived from the written word proved to be always right on the mark. In future litigation, I plan on saving many hours by seeking Peter’s analysis immediately.”

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